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  • Protection against dust, water splash and dirt
  • Insulating noise and vibration to increase the ride comfort of the passengers
  • Avoiding possible damage to the vehicle suspension and axle system

Important points

  • Cost effective compared to EPDM
  • Excellent flexibility and flex-fatigue properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good tear and puncture resistance
  • OEM approval or specification compliance is required in many projects

Advantages of Elastron TPE against EPDM in Bellow

  • Lighter final product
  • Lower density %20-%30
  • Recyclable
  • Short Cycle time
  • Design flexibility
  • Good surface appearance

Why Elastron® Grades ?

  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent flexibility and flex-fatigue properties
  • Ease of processing with short cycle times
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Complying with OEM specifications
  • Recyclable


Please click for Elastron TPE Automotive Brochure.