Floor Mats

floor mat image


  • To keep interior of car clean
  • To have a stylish look
  • To protect car floor from regular wear and tear
  • To help noise and heat insulation

Important points

  • Flow property of the material is  important for the injection process
  • Odour and fogging are very critical properties for this interior application
  • The part must have desired gloss and surface aesthetics
  • Some projects may need OEM specification compliance

Advantages of Elastron TPE against Rubber for Floor Mats

  • No Scrap
  • Recyclable
  • Shorter Cycle Tıme
  • No Curing Step
  • Colourable
  • Able to design lightweight compounds
  • Low Odour & Low Fogging
  • Low Cost Production

Advantages of Elastron TPE against Textile for Floor Mats

  • Easy to clean and dry for finished product
  • Low Odour & Low Fogging (wet&dry)
  • Do not collect dust
  • Low Cost Production
  • Recyclable

Why Elastron® Grades ?

  • Low odour
  • Low fogging
  • Excellent colour, gloss or matt, and surface characteristics
  • Lightweight mats
  • Recyclable
  • Colourability
  • Good scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Ease of processing with short cycle times
  • Complying with OEM specifications


Please click for Elastron TPE Automotive Brochure.