Belt Line Seal

Belt line seal image


  • To provide the seal between sliding side window & door interior
  • Outer  seal provides main seal to external elements
  • Inner seal provides barrier to dust & small objects
  • Lip type seals  creating wiping action on glass

Important points

  • For sliding effect, low friction is important. For low friction, spray coating and flocking can be used for EPDM process. And slip coat and flock tape can be chosen for TPV solutions.
  • Low compression set
  • Good adhesion to PP (mounting foot is PP, for TPV lips)
  • The part must have desired gloss and surface aesthetics
  • UV resistance
  • OEM specification compliance

Advantages of Elastron TPE against Rubber for Belt Line Seal

  • Recyclable
  • No scrap
  • Shorter Extrusion Lines
  • No curing process for flocking or spray coating. Instead of them, flocked tape or slip coat is used.
  • Less Labour
  • No metal carries
  • Lightweight
  • Low Cost

Why Elastron® Grades ?

  • Excellent surface characteristics
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Ease of processing with short cycle times
  • Weather resistant grades
  • Low compression set
  • Complying with OEM specifications


Please click for Elastron TPE Automotive Brochure.