SBS - Elastron D

Elastron D is a brand name of styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) block copolymers that behaves like rubber properties under room temperature and has advantage of easy processing.

Generally, Elastron SBS products are suitable for indoor applications because they do not resist UV and heat. These materials are especially preferred for hand tools, home appliances and mechanical parts.

SBS - Elastron D Series:

D100.A40.N D100.A40.B 40A 1,10
D100.A50.N D100.A50.B 50A 1,14
D100.A58.N D100.A58.B 58A 1,13
D100.A65.N D100.A65.B 65A 1,11
D100.A72.N D100.A72.B 72A 1,09
D100.A75.N D100.A75.B 75A 1,09
D101.A63.N D101.A63.B 63A 1,18
D101.A83.N D101.A83.B 83A 1,18
D101.A90.N D101.A90.B 90A 1,18
D300.A80.N D300.A80.B 80A 1,04
D300.A90.N D300.A90.B 90A 1,05
D400.A30.N D400.A30.B 30A 0,90
D400.A53.N D400.A53.B 53A 0,90
D400.D35.N D400.D35.B 35D 0,89
D103.A50.N D103.A50.B 50A 1,38
D103.A60.N D103.A60.B 60A 1,44
D500.A35.N.PS D500.A35.B.PS 35A 1,19
D500.A45.N.PS D500.A45.B.PS 45A 1,19
D500.A65.N.PS D500.A65.B.PS 65A 1,19

Advantages of Elastron D:

  • Flexible between -40˚C and +70˚C
  • Hardness changes between 20 ShA - 65 ShD
  • Density ranges between 0,89 and 1,20 g/cm³
  • %100 recyclable
  • Non hygroscopic, pre drying is not necessary
  • Allows direct colouring during processing
  • Some special grades has high abrasion resistance