Glass Encapsulation

glass encapsulation image


  • Improved design options and aesthetics
  • To provide comfort by reducing noise and points of entry by water & dirt

Important points

  • Ease of material flow for the improved design options
  • The part must have the desired surface aesthetics
  • Most projects need OEM specification compliance
  • Long term UV & ozone resistance

Advantages of Elastron TPE against PVC for Glass Encapsulation

  • Lighter final product
  • Lower density %20-%30
  • Longer machine lifetime
  • Non-hazardous to human health
  • Eco-friendly production
  • Low shrinkage and part stability
  • Low compression set

Why Elastron® Grades ?

  • Low fogging
  • Excellent colour, gloss or matt, and surface characteristics
  • Recyclable
  • Good scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Ease of processability with short cycle times
  • Weather resistant grades
  • Complying with OEM specifications


Please click for Elastron TPE Automotive Brochure.