Elastron USA Financial Incentives

Elastron Financial Incentives Program to New TPE Customers

  • We realize that the Covid 19 pandemic and the upcoming changes in the TPV supplier base may have caused you financial difficulties and concern about future cost effective supply of TPEs.
  • Elastron USA is committed to help you overcome these difficulties and support your on going developments.
  • In order to enable you to accelerate your TPE development programs using our range of high quality and cost effective TPE products Elastron USA is willing to offer you two financial incentive programs:
    • Development allowance to enable you to accelerate conversion of your existing TPEs to Elastron USA products
    • Funding for new tooling
  • Each incentive program will be based on specific minimum volume and commercialization time.

Please contact at 770 540 1806 to discuss specific details of this program.

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