Other Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

Thermoplastic Elastomer Polyurethane ( TPE-U )

Thermoplastic Elastomer Polyurethane (TPU or TPE-U) materials consist of soft and hard segments. Long chain polyester / polyether diols form flexible soft segment. Short chain diols and diisocyanattes form rigid or hard segments. Elastomeric properties are the results of multiblock structure of phase separated systems.

Thermoplastic Copolyester (TPE-E) 

Thermoplastic copolyester (COPE or TPE-E), a synthetic rubber consisting of hard polyester crystallites dispersed in a soft, flexible matrix. Because of this twin-phase composition, copolyester elastomers are thermoplastic elastomers, materials that have the elasticity of rubber but also can be moulded and remoulded like plastic.

Thermoplastic Polyamides  (TPE-A)

Thermoplastic polyamides (COPA or TPE-A), a block copolymer of alternating hard and soft segments with amide chemical linkages in the hard blocks and ether and/or ester linkages in the soft blocks (TPA EE, TPA ES, TPA ET).